Beau or Bow Gender Reveal

To decorate this Beau or Bow Gender Reveal Party, the typical pink and blue colors were used as well as mustaches and bows. Guests were asked to were either pink or blue depending on their guess of which gender the baby would be. There were pink bows and black bow ties on sticks for the guests to hold up for photos. We did all of the different “wives’ tales” prediction tests to see which gender the baby would be. Of course the tests were inconclusive since some of them said it was a girl and others said it was a boy. We had a great food spread! There was a girl side and a boy side. On the girl side we had strawberry lemonade punch, pinwheels, fruit with fruit dip, and caprese skewers. On the boy side we had bottled root beer, buffalo wings, meatballs, and pizza rolls. The guys LOVED it… and so did the girls! After everyone had their fun “picking sides” it was time to cut the cake! The cake revealed the gender to everyone. Not even the couple knew what it would be! They had their doctor put the ultrasound results in a sealed envelop, they gave it to me, and I gave it (still sealed) to the bakery. Everyone huddled around as the couple cut in to the cake and revealed a pink center! They were having a girl!


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