Bubble Guppies Birthday Party

This was a very fun party to plan AND attend! It was a summertime Bubble Guppies Birthday Party, complete with a treasure hunt and a bubble pool where the kids could be put inside of a bubble! When guests entered the party they were met with a Bubble Guppies “Happy Birthday” sign and a table with goodies for the kids. There was a Bubble Guppies backdrop as a photo op area where the guests could put the presents down. The party started with food and “ocean water” punch. Once everyone ate, it was present time! Then, we continued the excitement outside with a treasure hunt, water balloon basketball, and a bubble pool! The kids loved being put inside of a bubble and even some of the adults got in on the fun! Each kid was given their own sand pail and shovel for the treasure hunt in the sand pit. They found lots of cool things like gold coins, rings, bead necklaces, and even maracas! Then, it was back inside for cake and ice cream. The kids were all given their favors which were Bubble Guppies pails to take all of their treasures home in, Bubble Guppies masks and bracelets, and extra large bubble sticks! The kids were so excited and had lots of fun! It is sure to be a birthday to remember!

  • It’s Party Time!
  • Welcome Table
  • Presents and Backdrop
  • Complete Food Table
  • Nonny!
  • Deema!
  • Goby and Molly!
  • Food Table
  • Loved the Pink Shells!
  • Pink Conch Shell
  • Ocean Water Punch with Molly and Gill
  • Bubble Guppies Window Clings
  • Outdoor Fun!
  • Treasure Hunt Sand Pit
  • Bubble Pool
  • Bubble Guppies Cake


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