Windows product keys are almost (but not quite) a thing of the past. But even if things went down smoothly and without issues, you may want to know if Windows 10 is indeed activated. Besides giving it as a free upgrade to anyone with an activated Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC the OS is also one big shareware demo. Now its been quite some time Microsoft has released the Free Upgrade to Windows 10 for existing Windows users. I am repeatedly being prompted that Windows is not genuine, however when i press Winkey+Pause in the System Properties it shows that Windows is activated. You must need to do the activation if you want to use Windows 10 operating system. Only customers with genuine Windows have access to all optional updates and downloads available from Microsoft, which are designed to help you get How to check if my Windows 10 is genuine or pirated? How to find windows 10 genuine key, windows 10 genuine Thanks Matt Question: I installed Microsoft's most recent updates. I tried several solutions here, but to no avail. I had a licensed, activated copy of windows 8.1 Pro that I bought and paid for. It activated fine. Microsoft automatically activates Windows 10 in the background, but there's no way to tell if it has been successfully activated. My laptop is 4 years old with a legal Win7 home premium. I activated by phone, no problems. If that happened to you, read on to resolve this issue. Since the Windows system doesnt display any Successfully Activated type of messages, there will be a bit of confusion whether the installed or upgraded version If you have upgraded from Windows 7 or 8, you'll be most familiar with the Control Panel. The problem happened once I activated Windows using the product key sticker on the bottom of my laptop. After upgrading your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installation to Windows 10, you can follow the below mentioned methods to check if your Windows 10 Windows 10 product key can make genuine windows and enjoy all features. Windows 10 Forums the biggest Windows 10 help and support forum, ... Windows 10 activated after upgrade, now it says its not Hello, Microsoft has done an interesting thing with Windows 10. This guide walks you through the steps of verifying that a computer running Windows 10 is activated. With Windows 10, Microsoft has rewritten the rules for how it performs product activation on retail upgrades of Windows, including the free upgrades available for a year beginning on July 29, 2015. Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 would be a free upgrade even for computers without genuine copies of Windows. [Fix] Windows 7 is not Genuine Error Message, Make It Original and Activated Again - Its a common problem which lots of Windows 7 users face. Genuine Windows is published by Microsoft, properly licensed, and supported by Microsoft or a trusted partner. Here's a look at some ways to fix the issues and get it activated. A couple of weeks later, I formatted my hard drives and did a clean install of windows 10 Pro. My windows was activated and working fine until I swapped hard drives, then it said it wasn't genuine. One common issue concerned the activation of the system, and this seems to have affected mostly users who ran a clean install of Windows 10 after the upgrade. As soon as you upgrade your system, Microsoft automatically activates your Windows 10 copy in the background, assuming that youve upgraded from genuine Windows 7 or 8 versions. I just moved on to windows 10 but not through window updates. Learn How to check if Windows 10 is Genuine or Not? I contacted Microsoft support twice. so here is my fix, after 3 days of figuring out. I bought the laptop in January of 2013 and activated Windows. ... Did you have to activate Windows at the beginning in order to use it for more than a