About Us

Richelle Little, Owner and Lead Designer, has spent pretty much her entire life preparing for this career and didn’t even know it. Growing up it was a running joke that she was the “personal assistant” of the family. This continued into any job she had from teenage years into adulthood. No matter what the job was, she became the go-to person if anyone needed something done. When Richelle was a teen, her mother became the wedding coordinator for their family church. Richelle was fascinated by the wedding planning process and these beautiful celebrations her mother helped create. Over the years, Richelle worked side by side with her mother on countless weddings and learned as much as possible – all of her tips and tricks! However, she didn’t realize her passion for planning and organizing events until she was an adult. Richelle volunteered at her church to be the membership chairman which involved planning any and all church wide events. This included theme planning, food, decorations, activities, and advertising. A few years later, she became the youth director for her church which also required her to plan MANY events and fundraisers. After planning her own DIY wedding, she decided it was time to use her knowledge and skills and start her own business. Richelle truly enjoys all of the work that goes into event planning. She loves when everything comes together the day of the event and all of her hard work pays off with an amazing event and a happy client!

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